Personal Injury

As a plaintiff law firm, Roth & Dempsey routinely provides legal representation to persons injured due to negligence or wrongdoing on the part of another person or organization. Roth & Dempsey has successfully litigated personal injury claims for over 35 years, including but not limited to; work injuries, slip & fall, and motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents.

Product Liability

Product liability is an area of law which holds the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and others responsible for the injuries caused by their product upon the public. These cases include manufacturing defects, design defects, and failure to provide adequate warning. Roth & Dempsey has successfully pursued many product liability cases resulting in substantial settlements for the injured parties and their families.

Medical Malpractice

Professional negligence in the medical field can be devastating and life-changing for both the victim and their families. Roth & Dempsey is committed to holding responsible those parties who failed to adhere to the accepted standard of practice and failed the trust of their patients and patients relatives. Roth & Dempsey has secured substantial verdicts in many types of medical malpractice cases including wrongful death.

Transportation Accidents

Automobile and truck accidents are serious matters often resulting in life-changing injuries. Often a clients' ability to work and assist their families and loved ones is severely compromised. Roth & Dempsey has successfully pursued dozens of motor vehicle accidents caused both by negligence and defect. The result has been millions in compensation recovered for the injured and their families, easing the burden of physical recovery.

Worker's Compensation

Workers' compensation, insurance required by your employer, can provide those injured on the job benefits if applicable. These include the payment medical expenses, return of lost wages, and death benefits. Roth & Dempsey has extended experience in workers' compensation litigation and has helped many injured Pennsylvania workers support themselves and their families during their recovery.

Insurance Bad Faith

The law of insurance bad faith requires an insurance company to act fairly and in good faith towards its policyholders and prohibits an insurance company from denying or delaying a claim unreasonably or without proper cause. The result of insurance bad faith is often the awarding of punitive damages to the affected party. It is not uncommon for insurance providers to unreasonably delay processing of claims or issuance of benefits. It is not the insurance company who suffers. If you have been a faithful customer and now your insurance company is acting in bad faith, Roth & Dempsey can help you secure the benefits due.